Pricing Your Home in 2020

You may have heard that there’s not much housing inventory in our community right now, which
means that prices for homes have gone up across the board. This is great news for you as a home seller!
The timing is perfect for you to get the most return on your investment into your home. But even in today’s market, there are still homes that sit, waiting for an offer, for months and months. This time spent on market means that you’re still making your mortgage payments and you’re still not getting equity out from your home.

Perhaps even worse is what buyers and buyer agents think about homes that have been on the market
too long. Remember how important first impressions are? The first impression a buyer gets about a
home that has been listed for a long time in this hot market is this:

“Something must be wrong with that home.”

That thought will scare away many buyers, and it’ll prompt the ones who remain interested to try to
lowball you.

But why are those homes still on the market in the first place? It’s because they are often priced “out of
the market.”

We are here to help you strategically price your home using the latest market information to sell it as fast as possible for the most money!